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You may be asking yourself:

What is Fitness You Can Use!?
Fitness You can Use!, is primarily an in-home personal training company servicing the Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana.

In-home training? What is that?
In-home training means that my clients do not have to join a local gym.  Many feel they don't belong in a gym yet, want to avoid the hustle & bustle or want to achieve their goals in the privacy of their own home.  It works out well- we can get a lot more accomplished out of the gym setting.

What other services do you offer? I also sell kettlebells, on-line training, my own ebooks and I teach a couple different group classes.

What do you mean by "where fitness means more that just looking good?" Training should not be 100% cosmetic.  It does a body no good to be at 6% bodyfat if they cannot walk up a flight of stairs withouth their heart nearly exploding.  My clients are looking for an attainable blend of fat loss, muscle gain, mobility and health improvement. They want to regain those attibutes which they've lost due to time well spent raising families and advancing careers.

What is a kettlebell? A kettlebell resembles a cannonball with an iron, suitcase like handle.  Although only one is needed, kettlebells are available in weights ranging from 8 lbs to 106 lbs!

Why use kettlebells?  Kettlebells are outstanding tools.  Their use instills athleticism by teaching total body coordination.  They are compact, easy to transport and FUN!  While they can definitely be hard work, you will never be bored like you are on the treadmill, bike or aerobics class.  You can travel with them, take them to the park, or workout outside.  For those people who are too shy or emberassed to go to the gym, can't find a babysitter, or don't even have a gym within a reasonable distance, kettlebells are for you!

The best thing is, they workNothing burns fat as fast as ballistic kettlebell drills.  The next best thing about them is that you don't have to go anywhere to use them!  I've been exercising for over twenty years and I have not found a more complete workout.

If you are an athlete, in any sport, you owe it to yourself to train with kettlebells.  With proper training, you will learn proper hip drive, explosiveness, body coordination and an unbelievable grip.

If you are in doubt as to the effectiveness of the kettlebell, ask yourself why Navy SEALs, Marine Recon, Secret Service and the DOE nuclear missle guards train with them.  They train with kettlebells because the workouts are fast and they provide real time results, not just a bigger bicep.

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Jared Savik, owner of Fitness You Can Use! competing at the 2004 National Girevoy Sport Championships
Questions?  Contact me at Jared@FitnessYouCanUse.com
In addition to blasting the fat from your body, snatching a 70lb kettlebell for repetitions in a great test of endurance, coordination and guts.

The snatch is one of the contested events in Girevoy Sport.  Proper instruction can be found in my ebook, Guide to American Girevoy Sport