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Bodybuilding can be a great way to maintain your body looks and be the strong guy with great endurance, muscle, looks and much more. However, there are parents who want their kids to start bodybuilding. The burning question is regarding the safety and benefits. Chances of facing issues are higher as if kids aren’t doing exercise properly and it can lead to an improper posture. But, it followed right plans and exercise, it helps in building muscle, staying healthy and being on routine of exercising.

Teach Basics

Before heading over to body building and letting them lift weight, it is important to teach them some basics. The first basic thing is to run to build stamina in them. After that you should teach kids pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, dips and few more for flexibility and build strength in them.  In the beginning, it can be tough to teach them but you should keep an eye otherwise they can end up getting into trouble. Next vital thing is to motivate them. You have to mature them physically and mentally. Most of people forget that they are kids and try to force them but it will make them struggle a lot.

Mentally Preparation

Kids need to be prepared mentally otherwise they won’t be able to develop skills. Most of kids won’t doubt on whatever you are asking them to follow so make sure to keep the order simple and pay attention to their posture. The most important thing while exercising is proper posture maintenance otherwise it can lead to other issues.

If all the above given things go right then you should allow them to pick up weight. Start from 2KG or 5 ponds. And, decide set of 10 to 12 everyday. A daily workout will be a bad idea that’s why make a schedule of alternative days.