Girevoy Sport
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Where fitness means more than just looking good.
Girevoy Sport, known as GS, is the newest, most absolutely brutal, iron sport in the USA.
A sport that originated in Cold War-era Russia in 1986, it will test not only your phyiscal capabilities, but your mental toughness as well!    Think your tough?  Give GS a try!

There are two competitions in GS, Traditional and Long Cycle.  The Traditional competition includes the Jerk and the Snatch, similar to the Olympic lifts of the same names.  The Long Cycle is a mutated combination of the two. 
Each competitor has 10 minutes to complete as many repetitions as possible without setting down the kettlebells. Sound easy?  Think again.  No matter which event you compete in or train for, they are a complete body workout, leaving no muscle unworked.  The only thing easy in GS is quitting!   Complete rules are available at
A sampling of competitors from the 2004 NAKF GS finals. Is it tough?  You'd better believe it!
Steve K.
Sean M.
Photos by Laura Starego
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