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Kettlebell Introduction to High Schools Athletics
For a limited time, I am giving flat $300 introductions to kettlebell lifting to athletic programs in Northwest Montana.  These prices will not last very long!  Get the edge up on your competition!  Call immediately to have your athletes train with the National Champion!  PUMMEL YOUR COMPETITION WITH SUPERIOR CONDTIONING!

Parents: Keep your teenage athletes injury-resistent!  Get them started on a solid program now.   Kettlebell training is excellent for young athletes as it teaches them proper lifting techniques, injury prevention and does not place potentially unsafe strain on young joints.
Weekly Kettlebell  Group Classes!

Every Tuesday, 6:30pm @ Next Level Fitness, Mountain Mall, Whitefish, MT

Bring a towel,  water bottle and a desire to succeed!

Rate:  $8/class or 25/month (4sessions),

Get Fit, FAST!  & shed those holiday pounds!      CLASS ON HOLD
                                                                              UNTIL FALL!
Two classes weekly starting Jan. 20, 2006

Group Kettlebell Classes at the Eureka Creative Arts Center, 300 1st Ave. West

Monday mornings 9:00am & Thursday evenings @ 6:15pm
$8/class or by the month + one time TVIA membership fee.
Fitness Coaching

At wit's end? Did you not arrive at your fitness goals despite trying every diet book, every diet pill and every exercise tape in production?  Perhaps it's time you up the ante and look into hiring a fitness professional.

As a fitness professional, I offer several services, including:

1) Personal Training: cutting-edge physical training for YOUR specific goals; all              clients do NOT get the same workout. You will perform the correct blend of                  strength training and cardiovascular exercise to abolish those trouble spots,              keep you alive long enough to enjoy your children and fit into those nice clothes       you've refused to toss.

2) Nutrition and meal planning:real-life nutritional advice that is easy to understand       and helps you drop inches and pounds per week!  You will stop avoiding mirrors!     The nutritional advice that  allowed me to drop nearly 30 pounds of FAT in  12             weeks will be yours!

3) Motivation, emotional support and perhaps, most important, ACCOUNTABILITY!

This service is only offered in the Kalispell, Whitefish, Eureka areas.  I am a fitness professional that takes success very seriously.  I do NOT take every client!

Stop being miserable! Call 1-877-768-7325 today to start your new life!