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Guide to American Girevoy Sport  (e-book)
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"Jared Savik's manual plus guts equals CMS in girevoy sport."  -Pavel Tsatsouline, the author of 'The Russian Kettlebell Challenge'
Excellent book! Very comprehensive and to the point. No fluff, filler, or any waste of space. Your GS book is a must have for anyone that wants to compete in GS and anyone that wants to improve kettlebell training. I like how you cover the competition drills in detail, cover program design, auxillary exercises, and nutrition. Great work!
-Mike Mahler, premier kettlebell trainer and author of "Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength."
Get an unfair advantage over your competition and unleash your hidden athletic abilities with  my:
Over 50 exercises described and photographed for beginning and advanced lifters.
Get started on your journey to complete fitness.  MORE....
Dramatically, and I mean dramatically,  increase your Girevoy Sport scores, blast past the RKC snatch requirements, melt bodyfat and develop superhuman work capacity by learning  the Secrets that helped me become the FIRST American to attain Candidate for Master of Sports (CMS) ranking in Russian Girevoy Sport with the 32kg kettlebells!
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"Jared Savik's Guide to American Girevoy Sport is an outstanding how-to for the grueling sport of GS. The knowledge gleaned from the author's hard-earned effort  makes for the perfect GS starter book. Savik's book show a wide variety of very effective exercises for building a solid base of fitness and strengthening your weak links. As I read the book I found myself learning new tips and reinforcing techniques I've learned but not yet mastered. He has really done his homework with this book. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and trial-and-error, buy this excellent book."
-Steve Cotter, author of the acclaimed Full KOntact Kettlebells DVDs
"In The American Guide to Russian Kettlebell Training a tough man teaches you about tough training. If you respect hard work and a simple solution to serious fitness, this is a great book for you.".
-Steve Cotter, martial arts champion and renowned kettlebell master
If you could only buy one "fitness" book, I would, without hesitation, urge you to purchase Ross Enemait's Infinite Intensity.  Lots of power drills, bodyweight drills and other training protocols all in one manual for a VERY reasonable price!
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American Guide to Russian Kettlebell Training
"In tonight's episode,  the part of Jared Savik will be played by Stone Cold Steve Austin!  Excellent book Jared, concise and to the point.
-David Whitley, RKC, CMS
I received your training manual in the mail yesterday and read it last
night. Good stuff! Time to go to work.
-Russ Nielsen

JARED, I got your manual, "Guide to American Girevoy Sport" and it is really helpful in preparing me for the Snatch test that I'll be doing at the April RKC in St. Paul,MN. Thanks for putting out such a great manual.