Traveling with your kids you mainly think about their safety and comfort, and your stress resistance. Thereat, you definitely need to know what the airport can offer regarding services for passengers with kids. Who knows, how long you will have to stay there. So, we are going to provide you with enough information about where to stay with your family when you visit Gatwick airport.


The Gatwick has distinctive parking varieties, which are set close to the terminals and transport stations. The availability of valet parking administration enables you to leave the car with staff and go with your family whatever you need with no fear for your car safety.

In addition, there are Family Friendly bays for a long stay, which are comfortably located near the bus stops.

Security Pass

There are specialized tracks and additional time for the passage control for passengers in baby carriages. Dedicated lanes will give your family some additional time and help to pass the security control. Just follow special Assistance signs and family lanes after checking in. You will only need to make your kids be ready for the fact that their toys will be scanned.

Essential Things For Your Children

Of course, you can take as much milk as you need for your child in a carry-on bag. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about the essentials for the youngest children. Buying milk in advance allows the Boots website, for example. You just need to make an order in advanced. Also, there is a pharmacy with different baby and toddler essentials.


The airport offers a wide choice of places to eat with your family. Most restaurants and cafes have kids menus and highchairs. The warming up of baby bottles is within touch in Pret a Manger.

List of Specialized Places and Services For Children

Baby changing facilities

The baby changing tables and special rooms to change your child’s clothes are within touch at the airport’s territory, but also in some men’s and women’s WC, you can find tables for changing babies.

Kids Zones

These free of charge Zones are situated North and South Terminals. There you can find separate areas where youngsters can play or just watch a TV.

Chargeless Baby Carriage Rental

You can leave your baby carriage at the special territory of the airport. Besides, there is a free baby carriage rental service at the airport if necessary.